Base Cargon

Base Cargon is a base commanded by four rebels and Luke Skywalker. Inside there is a command platform built into the wall for opening the door and exercise bars to keep soldiers in shape. At the moment Cargon is being attacked by three men and two droids trying to take the base over. Inside the base there is a speeder, a double speeder, and a rebel speeder (how fast can you get?).



MT-51 Hyper Bot

MT-51 Hyper Bot is a robot built to transport weapons to astronauts in peril and as well help in the battle with its ionized laser cannons and back up weapons.


His back up weapons include (from left) stealth laser gun, two high undetectable supersonic rocket guns, and a zakk blaster.



The Gagandrate is a giant. two-headed monster that obliterates anything in its path with its twin blasters. It can jump very high because it has four legs. Since it has two heads it has two personalities, so whenever the moon is waning it has a very hostile personality, but when the moon is waxing it has a very dumb and has no friends which causes it to be very mad all the time.


Ungandron (Star Wars)

Ungandron is a (Star Wars) base in the middle of the desert that uses the desert as defense against enemies that may attack it. Note: right at this moment a desert camouflaged droid is about to be obliterated by the two heavy cannons mounted on the base walls.


The base has a special door that blends in with the other walls. (from right to left) Beside the base is a heavy speeder and a light speeder that can kick up sand and cause an immense sand storm to keep the enemies away.


Mars Rover

Mars Rover can drill for crystals and transport aliens. It has a special device that lets it see through the soil for crystals. If aliens get captured by this machine, they get put in a special bed that weakens the alien. The pilot compartment of the Mars Rover can detach and turn into a fighter in case the Mars Rover blows up.


Lego Game

One of my favorite games is Lego Mars Mission. In it you can be aliens or astronauts and fight for crystals on Mars. Half the time I can’t win without the codes, but the other half of the time I crush the enemy. Some of the codes for the game are as follows (codes you need to enter are in bold):

  1. fatwallet
    • gets you BIG BUCKS ($50,000) (I Use)
  2. 299792458
    • makes you build faster (I Use)
  3. n00b
    • triples health (I Use)
  4. 1337
    • erases codes you’ve used (I don’t recommend it)
  5. nightfall
    • lets you play the last alien level (I Use)
  6. temple
    • lets you play bonus alien level 1
  7. checkmate
    • lets you play bonus alien level 2
  8. santa
    • play as Santa on Mars?

Soon the game will have “Special Ops” (Special Options) in which new levels will be available.

Sky Blaster

Sky Blaster literally is a two winged destruction. He can fly at amazing speeds and dive and turn up at sharp angles. His three laser blasters are all able to turn and shoot at not even strait angles!